Wuppertal (Germany): A statement by the Osterholz Forest Occupation

Wuppertal. Germany. A statement by the Osterholz Forest Occupation, a forest that is occupied since August 2019. The Oetelshofen company wants to clear a part of the Osterholz forest to store the waste of their lime pit. In the past weeks cop activity has increased in the forest and it all smells like the state is preparing an eviction of the forest occupation. The Osterholz Occupation is now asking people to come to the forest.

The forest has called us and we have heard its call. We were absent for a long time, but we are back on the island of freedom. The oasis has grown, a lot has changed. Old platforms have disappeared and new ones have been built. It is beautiful here. We thank the people who have stayed here for so long without us.

The forest never slept and we were never completely gone. In the meantime, one of our friends has passed away. In his last months, he had put all his energy into the forest. He was a supporter of the little oasis from day 1, our companion brought us warm tea and fresh bread rolls when there was snow and ice. We built and learned together in our little oasis. We will not say goodbye to you because you are still with us, you fight every day with us and we fight every day for your dream. We promised you that we would fight for the forest and we meant it. In our fights you live on. “Şehîd namirin”.

The eyes of the beast have intruded into our oasis. They documented our port and our bridges of freedom to the new world. This means for us that the beast threatens us. We understand this as a clear attempt to attack the new world. We will stay here, because we have come to stay. You sit at your desk and write your scenario. However, we decide how big the playing field is. If you attack the New World, we will find the niches to get into the old world and we will utilize your weaknesses. We will fill the holes and plant the seeds under your broken world. Your world continues to crumble every day. You are responsible for diseases like Corona through your attacks on nature. Zoonoses are known to be man-made, as the capitalist machinery deprives animals of their habitat to satisfy the old world’s greed for profit.

We call all our friends now to join us in the forest. We will wait for you and rebuild the walls of solidarity with you to face the beast. We are not afraid of the beast, we knew that they will knock at our gate and we are still not impressed by their brutality.

Prepare, act cheeky and use the entire playing field.

Osterholz Remains!

Every tree counts!

Jeder Baum Zählt (every tree counts), January 22, 2021.

Tranlsated by riot turtle, taken from enoughisenough