Toulouse: police operation in a squat

This Tuesday, December 8th at 6 am, a large police force breaks down the door of a squat in Toulouse, to pick up 2 people and their trucks. We see outside a dozen CRS vans, several OPJ cars, and other hardly identifiable units. They are masked and armed, and about fifty of them are walking around the building. In their words, the objective is “a police operation targeting two people”.
The cops go directly to the trucks of the targeted people who will be picked up as well as their vehicles which leave on two tow trucks.
In addition to filming the entire operation, the cops take pictures of the buildings, the faces of the people around, the license plates, the vehicles and the dogs. Apart from the vehicles and these two, nothing else is taken, they do not search more. In 1 hour the operation is finished and the cops leave.
We’ve heard that the same type of operations took place precisely at the same time in other cities.

We don’t know why these people were targeted but we can affirm that it is not related to other recent cases in Toulouse nor to the legal situation of the squat and its activities. In the meantime here, we take care of each other and we need to find each other again. We don’t receive new people for the time being. Thank you for your support, take care of yourself.

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