Rome: Nuovo Cinema Palazzo evicted

Nuovo Cinema Palazzo was evicted today (Wednesday) in San Lorenzo, Rome. It had been squatted for a decade and was a well-loved community resource. The social centre called for action on the streets and there was a large demo in the evening (three arrests reported). Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi (Five Star) said the eviction was an outrage and she herself liked to go there, calling for an immediate meeting to resolve the issue and get the squat re-opened. Also, in better news, the headquarters of neo-Nazis Forza Nuova was also evicted and Raggi took care to say there was nothing at all similar between the two places.

Nuovo Cinema Palazzo released this statement (machine translated) in answer to Raggi’s support:

After what happened today, we welcome the press release that reports the words of the Mayor Raggi, albeit late compared to what happened this morning. We are confident that the immediate opening of a negotiating table involving all institutions can help keep the experience of the Nuovo Cinema Palazzo alive. What happened at the first light of dawn in dei Sanniti is an act of unprecedented violence that affects an entire neighborhood and the whole city. We therefore say we are ready to meet the Mayor Raggi and to participate in a table that takes into account what has been done in these nine years by citizens, associations, artists and committees within the Nuovo Cinema Palazzo and aims to preserve the experience. We also ask that the opening of this table take place in the coming days to prevent the words of the Mayor from getting lost in the whirlwind of an election campaign that begins under the worst auspices.
We wait for you, for the good of San Lorenzo and Rome.
We’re waiting for you, because we’ll be here, watching over a fundamental space for the city.

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