Dijon: Engrenage Gardens under threat. Vegetables and trees are rooted, they will not leave.

The decision of the Dijon court has confirmed the eviction of the land occupied by the Engrenage Gardens as of November 20. The house is not affected by this decision. Despite the headlines in the local press suggesting that the case is closed, the vegetables are growing, the gardeners are gardening and the walkers are wandering around!

After the October hearing, the court handed down its verdict on November 4. According to the local press (le Bien Public). “The court noted the occupation without right or title of the land located between 45 and 65 avenue de Langres and ordered their eviction within fifteen days if necessary with the help of the police force. The court, however, declared itself incompetent with respect to the occupation of the small house. »

The Engrenage Gardens are :

– A Collective Garden of more than 2000 square meters, cared by its regular users as punctual, despite the bulldozers of the town hall visit on July 24th. We can still find potatoes, beans, kohlrabi, lamb’s lettuce, black radishes, spinach, leeks and cabbage (thanks to global warming).
– A space of conviviality created by the local residents, which takes the form of a public park with benches, tables, a small refreshment bar, chairs, paths, where it is good to walk, sit down, walk your dog or play with your children.
– A perfectly functional small house where a few people live.
– About fifteen plots of family gardens occupied by neighbors.
– A lovingly groomed large petanque court that can also be used for other recreational activities.

These plots belong to the municipality. They belong to the residents of this city. No neighbor, no resident, no citizen of the city of Dijon wants the “Garden State” project imposed from above by Rebsamen and Ghitti, with a lot of false allegations. No one in Dijon, except those with interests in construction and speculation, wants 8-story concrete cages instead of the city’s trees and gardens. Justice and planners believe that the leeks and spinach must gather their little leaves and leave or else they will perish.
But the vegetables and trees are rooted, they will not leave. If they have to be destroyed, they will be destroyed in the name of profit, on the orders of a megalomaniac mayor representing barely 15% of the registered residents, without any democratic debate, without any form of consultation with the residents.


To do something constructive for the Engrenage Gardens, it’s very simple :

– Share and relay this text and the following (or your own productions).
– Talk to as many neighbors and people as possible about what’s going on at the gardens and in this city.
– Go for a walk at the gardens this weekend (it’s allowed!), judge for yourself what has been undertaken and get some news.

You can take the opportunity to join the association of the Friends of the Engrenage Gardens and sign the petition on the spot.

Engrenage Gardens
61-63-65 avenue de Langres
21000 Dijon, France
jardinlengrenagedijon [at] riseup [dot] net

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