Thessaloniki: Political statement of the squat Terra Incognita. International call for solidarity

In the morning of 17th of August Terra Incognita gets TEMPORARILY evicted by the repressive forces of neoliberalism. Police forces intrude in the building and conduct researches for hours and confiscations. Days after the eviction the squat still remains open with cops celebrating TEMPORARILY their capability of violating every corner of our liberalized grounds.

For over 16 years Terra Incognita consituted a meeting place for hundrends of people of the struggling social basis. With constant events, direct acts, demonstrations and conflicts Terra Incognita was present in moments of the violent struggle against the violence of the state, the benefits of capitalistic monopolies, against the violating authority of fascism and patriarchy, against any type of discrimination and speciesism. In the grounds of the self-organised structures of self-education, solidarity and mutual aid of the squat all the “known-unknown” strugglers of freedom met and will continue to meet. Liberating and equallity-based relationships were constructed, subversive plans and operations, dreams that day by day found and still find a space of moral and physical substance. For 16 years the squat proves itself to be the flesh of the flesh of the multiform struggle against any type of authority and opression, without prioritizing or distinguishing the means that contribute to the spreading of libertarian ideas and the organization of social and class-conscious counter attack. Because for us this is liberation.

Terra Incognita squat is definitely not and we do not wish it to be considered as the center of the revolutionary movement. After all this could only be an egocentric viewpoint against the spirit of comradeship as it would cover every other repressive action of the state. Terra is just another tool of the struggle that through its strategies contributes to the spreading of anarchist ideas in the society while it underlies the severity of the unmediated struggle against the regime. This is why it socially, politically and historically belongs to the anti-authoritarian movement, which has been fighting with all means for decades against the atrocity of all forms of exploitation. Nevertheless, if the government and any aspiring supporter of state-announched legality believe that this is the end of us as a squat, as anarchists, or as a struggling part of society, they are highly deceived.

From our point of view this decision belongs to the general repressive strategy of the state dictated from the higher parts of the terrorist state. The state seeks (for months now) a straightforward confrontation with the parts of society that choose to keep on fighting. It gives away ultimatums, mistreats and tortures people in the streets and in prisons, it kills and drowns immigrants and refugees in land and sea borders, it points at each and every single one of us with its finger on the trigger. This is our turn to proceed to full front offense. To war we respond with war. To the violence of the authoritarianism of the capital and the state we respond with violence. To the cruelty of individualization we respond collectively by sharpening our millitant confrontations.

We call every struggling revolutionary force to unite with us through their acts and words, by turning this year’s October into a month dedicated to solidarity and standing up for Terra Incognita, but also for every other occcupied ground threatened by reppresion. Let’s all shout together that squats are not dead walls. They are the alive moments of yesterday, today and forever.

No retreat, No submission- Attack,attack,attack… 

Squat (for now and forever) Terra Incognita

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