Samone di Guiglia (Modena): Eviction of an anarchist squat and arrests

On 28th February a group of people occupied a country house in the Samone countryside, in the province of Modena. There was no welcoming, already in the early afternoon cops, firemen and ROS threatened the eviction. Some went up on the roof and others barricaded themselves in the house, resisting the constant pressure and insistent threats, until the shits went away. The following day they came back calling all their friends over. They managed to storm the house beating and hitting with truncheons. Meantime some of the squatters went up the roof. Ten people were taken to the prison in Modena and arrested on charges of resistance, violence and insulting, some were handcuffed. Five squatters resisted on the roof for eight hours, they took it well in spite of the cold and the Apennine landscape obfuscated by the shits in uniform threatening to arrest everybody as soon as they came down. After they were granted permission to take their personal belongings they came down from the roof. As soon as they got down, however, they were taken to police headquarters in Sassuolo to be charged but once there they were photographed and fingerprinted. After the usual, long disgusting hours waiting, the noise made by people in solidarity at the gates made the cops release the five – not before physical and verbal threats to them, even before there were any charges for resistance, occupation and trespassing.

04/03/2020 Samone – All the comrades arrested during the resistance against the eviction were released
We learn that yesterday, 3rd March, all those arrested following the events in Samone were released after the hearing for the confirmation of the arrests. As for now 15 people, including 10 who had been arrested, are on bail.

01/03/2020 – From the regime media, we learn that on 28th February a farmhouse was occupied in Samone di Guiglia, in the province of Modena. As soon as the police arrived, some squatters went up the roof to resist. Yesterday, following clashes with the cops, 11 people were arrested and the house was evicted.

02/03/2020 – On the eviction in Samone di Guiglia – Appointments and updates
Tomorrow tuesday 3rd March, arrests will be confirmed. The investigating judge has demanded aggravating circumstances relating to the charge of resistance.

TODAY’S APPOINTMENT [Monday 2nd March]: at 3:30pm at Ligera di Modena, via Pomposa 8, in order to go all together outside the prison and try to greet our comrades.
Following the eviction in Samone, we are waiting for the confirmation of the hearing, which is due tomorrow morning; in any case we’ll meet at the Delfini library in Modena. We are preparing parcels to be sent inside, if you have something that can be sent bring it over. The arrested people are 10.

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