Rotterdam: Tweebosbuurt callout for solidarity

For the freedom to occupy abandoned places, an eviction, 10 occupations!

In a few days from now, next Wednesday March 4th, 6 squats (3 of which officially and the rest very likely) are facing eviction, 6 homes people have been transforming and living in for months, whilst also fighting against the demolition and gentrification of the neighborhood. 6 houses whose residents will be thrown out onto the street with all their possessions by the police. The date of 4 March is decisive, both for the future of these homes and for the continuation of the battle here in Tweebosbuurt. We are therefore launching a call out to come and support us and to be present in solidarity during the evictions.
The battle has only just begun,
Keep on squatting!

Communique received on February 27th

We write to you from Tweebosbuurt. Today, once more there has been another illegal large scale eviction. The police broke through the door with a battering ram, and arrested 3 people inside. That proves again that the police ignore the law : this eviction was completely illegal, inhabitants were there for 8 days, way more than the required 48h. They had documents proving they were living there for all that time and they were stamped by the court of Rotterdam proving the authenticity of the date. Vestia took those documents and gave a false statement to the police saying the squatters had arrived that day. They mentioned nothing about the documents when the police broke in. Vestia and the police were the only criminals here.
In a few days, the 4th of march, 6 squats are supposed to be evicted. 6 houses where people have lived for months, answering the call to occupy Tweebosbuurt to fight against gentrification and evictions. 6 houses opened against the demolition machine that Vestia is will see their doors demolished.

This date of the 4th of march is decisive for the survival of our living spaces and for the survival of this struggle here and now in Tweebosbuurt. We’re calling for people to come to defend and inhabit this neighborhood, before and after the evictions. Let’s stop companies like Vestia and many others from destroying working class neighborhoods ! Let’s stop the police from being their watchdogs, manipulating law and procedure without consequence in order to harm us and make money out of misery.
It’s happening now. We need your solidarity.
Take what you need, we don’t know if we will be able host people, it depends on the police actions !
‘cause we’re always up for a fight.


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