Rotterdam: Free Anton !

He has a smiling face, his eyes are filled with sweetness and in the midst of silence, I can still hear him shouting Fuck them and their law.

He recounts how he got arrested. How he just wanted to go back to see some friends, saw cops passing. And no luck, they started following him. Abusive identity check. The arrest quickly turned into a humiliating and violent chase. He was the first victim of the heightening repression in the neighbourhood. January the 22nd two thousand and twenty. 1:12 p.m.

He shows us how the policeman kneed him in the stomach. They beat him.

And despite the fractures caused by his violent arrest, he has not received medical treatment. He is simply given painkillers without any psychological assistance. Inhumane reality of these closed places.

They refuse to release him before his hearing. He will therefore have to wait alone behind bars.

But we are not going to let him go in silence.

He remembers Belarus, prison, political persecution; the horror to which they want to send him back.

I recall how our lost paths crossed in Tweebosbuurt. How soon we will be separated.

On February 12th, 2020, Anton’s demand for asylum will be heard. Six days to decide on someone’s life or death.

Anton wrote his asylum request alone, without a lawyer, beaten by the heartbreak of his flight and the suffocation of his dreams. It will surely be refused. They’re incapable of hearing the truth which he expresses in his own words.

Anton is thus at risk of losing his last trial and will probably be thrown on a plane on the evening of February the 12th.

Anton will then arrive in Poland, where he is dublinized, but the fascist drift of the government will quickly take him up in the air to Belarus.

Anton has no strength left and risks taking his destiny in his own hands for one the last time.

Anton risks death here or elsewhere.

For Anton, because no one should undergo such treatment, let’s come together this February 12th at the court of Rotterdam (Wilhelminanplein 100-125) or in front of the Dutch embassy closest to you!

Free Anton!

More info: squat-vestia [at] riseup [dot] net
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