Athens: From Theory to Practice – An Initial Response – 15 buildings liberated

The entire state machinery of the Mitsotakis government, spearheaded by its repressive forces, is opposed to anything that challenges its impositions of normality. It uses the doctrine of “law and order” and the rhetoric of zero tolerance as a veil to cover and distract from its endless inconsistencies. It feeds its constituents the rhetoric of nation, security, legitimacy, and development while adopting models of polarization and paradigms of bygone eras. The purpose is clear: the attempted eradication of the structures of struggle and the destruction of the revolutionary movement, which stands against its development plans and any model of so-called urban gentrification. At the same time, there is a systematic effort to massively displace populations that do not “fit” into the increasing needs of capital and the bosses of the metropolis. The effort to create an ideal consumer environment of both a passive and easily controlled population that serves the private interest is high on their agenda. On the one hand, airbnb, entertainment hotspots, shop windows, and hotels aim at the spectacle-ization of neighborhoods and the profitability of the few, while, on the other hand, cameras, drones, enforcement of all kinds, and the ceding of control of every [public and private] space to the police state for consumer control, surveillance, and commerce.

In synergy with the above, the Chryssochidis ultimatum cynically demands that we vacate the spaces of struggle by December 5th. It comes as the culmination of a period of intense repression, the evacuation of structures of struggle and solidarity, and the constant attack on sites of self-organization and for the fermentation of political discourse. To their supreme communicative stunt – aimed at spreading fear, targeting specific social groups, and depriving them of basic social needs – we respond with struggle. There is no possibility of our voluntary withdrawal from the struggle. We are unfazed by the growing climate of terrorism they are creating. We are ready – once again – to create bulwarks and stand against contemporary attempts to impose a Leviathan-state model. What the state does not understand is that despite our historical connection with Exarcheia and our survival in squats throughout Greece, we exist beyond that. Our collectivisation and self-organization flourish irregardless of space. Collective bodies will not be suppressed even if there is no roof to cover their heads.

In practice, we have opened and claimed the following spaces:

3 buildings in Gizi

2 buildings in Ilissia

6 buildings in Exarcheia

1 building in Victoria

1 building in Agios Panteleimonas

2 buildings in Kipseli

…this is how easy it is…

The first target is the deconstruction of the state rhetoric that demonizes squatted spaces with potential for self-organization and their utilization by subjects of state repression. In response to the Panhellenic call for action on December 5th, we have liberated 15 buildings (15 is the number of your fate) in the aforementioned areas, posting banners reading “Property is Theft,” and claiming the spaces to serve as a pool of options for future use. This is simply a first call for resistance and solidarity with comrades who want to create occupations and spaces of struggle, homeless to meet their social needs, immigrants who oppose their incarceration in concentration camps, and the oppressed. We want to communicate the concept of claiming empty spaces in order to survive in terms of struggle outside of sterilized capitalist logic.

Through this action we declare that our struggle is enduring and opposed to any kind of ultimatum. We make it clear that we will support the squats and spaces of struggle and all that they stand for. To be continued…


EnoughisEnough translated from Indymedia