Athens: Call for demos on 5th and 6th of December

Athens. On Thursday 5th December,the Ministry of Public Order’s deadline to “remove squatters” from their homes expires. On this day, we are calling on everyone to protest against the repression, not recognizing any decision of the state or ultimatum of the Ministry of Public Order. On Friday the 6th of December we also march in memory of the 2008 uprising for the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos.

The evictions of squats, the terrorizing of comrades by all means, the imprisonment of migrants in concentration camps, the criminalization of our street presence, and the cops in all the streets of the neighborhoods are not just targetting a specific part of society as the state, its mechanisms, and the media is trying to convince us. They concern each and every one of us. It is the beginning of a new attack against all of us, migrants, students, workers, unemployed, but also against all kinds of “illegal” in the eyes of power. An attack against a whole class of opposers. It is an attempt to isolate us and try to destroy us materially, politically and socially.

But attacking the anarchists, the militants, and the spaces that house our collective resistance, can in the long run only prove to be a dissapointment for the state as it has been in the past. Ideas and consciences are not evicted, they are not overthrown, they can not be “bricked up”. The movements always counter-attack even stronger in the face of oppression and cruel repression. And that is why they will always find us on the street, with daily demonstrations, squats and re-squats, actions, boycotts and all kinds of attacks against bosses and businesses, the state and its minions, the cops and their snitches.

Against the attacks of the state and capital, our uprising will become their nightmare

-Thursday 5/12 at 18:00 demonstration starting at Propilea, Panepistimio

-Friday 6/12 at 18:00 participation on the annual demo in memory of 2008 uprising.

-On Tuesday 3/12, a7 19.00 at Gini Building of The Polytechnic university, Open Assembly to co-organize and guard the 5/12 demo

Indymedia translated by EnoughisEnough

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