Athens: Statement from Spirou Trikoupi 17

The last weeks, after the elections, we are witnessing the development of a more totalitarian and far right state, that threatens the existence of our self-organized and free structures, as well as the life of the most poor and oppressed parts of this society. The new government started from the very first day showing its real face by taking control of the medias, disestablishing the ministry of migration and transferring its jurisdiction to the ministry of public order, under the authority of the police. They continued with massive arrests of people without “legal” papers, they strengthened the borders controls, pushing back to Turkey “illegally” people, and they banned the access of refugees and migrants to the national health system, by not providing them the social insurance number that it is needed. This also have immediate consequences to the access of the children to the education system, that without vaccines they are not allowed to attend the school. One other dimension of the same policy concerned Exarcheia and all the structures of this neighborhood that they are against this rotten, hierarchical and corrupted system. Their plan is to gentrify and take control of the only place in Athens that still resists. Immediately they attacked two refugees’ squats, Notara 26 and Hotel Oneiro, trying to cut down the water and the electricity forcing hundreds of people being scared for their lives and freedom.

In Sp. Trikoupi 17 we brought back life to a totally abandoned building that was empty for 15 years. We started from building bathrooms and separating rooms, we managed to create a classroom and a playground for the children, educating and making their lives more colorful. We created a self-organized space with a weekly assembly and working groups, that we all are taking decisions about our common life and our struggles, with antiauthoritarian, antiracist and feminist values and principles.

From our side we are in solidarity with every self-organized structure, squat or social space that keeps on struggling and fighting for a different and better society. A society where solidarity, equality and self-organization will be its principles and high ideals. We will not surrender, we will resist against the appetite of the state to exterminate and extinct us.

We ask for your real and active solidarity as you were showing towards us all these years. In this battle we must stand all together, united for our ideas and against every inhuman repression mechanism that is trying to struggle us. We ask for the support of the society, the neighborhood and the political collectives who are standing next to us.

Your repression shall not pass

You can’t evict a movement

We will resist together, alive and free

Solidarity will win