Germany: Aachen is squatting again!

During the international climate strike today, we occupied the Bastei. Those who live in Aachen for a bit longer, probably know the Bastei. Between 1930 and 1990 it hosted a lot of different kinds of pubs and bars. Since 1994 the Theater K played shows there. 2014 the theatre moved out, since then the building is empty. According to the local press, during this time the Bastei was owned by the architect and investor Hans Kahlen. Although Kahlen was one of the main initiators of the Aquis Plaza shopping mall. More ore less 29.000 qm of living places were destroyed for this project and many little shops had to close or to move.

All over Germany its the same system: cheap living places get sold to private investors who raise the rents for their private enrichment. If there are new building projects, it‘s expensive flats for the rich or bullshit like the Aquis Plaza. While the ecological base of our lives is getting destroyed faster and faster, there is enough living spaces for all of us. Its just not well shared. Because our economical system is not based on the needs of people but on consumerism. It aims for a constant growing, while the fossil resources are not growing with it. So why should we build new houses, that again destroy landscape and need a lot of resources, if we can just move into the ones already existing and kept empty?

That’s what we‘re doing today by occupying the Bastei. We take and open the place, so many people need. This occupation is a direct action. That means, we don’t trust the politics but take the matter in our own hands. Direct actions are about to break the rules, to tear down the system and to open free spaces. In those spaces, we can try together to live an ecological and social life. If we want to fight for climate justice, we although have to fight against the capitalist logic of private property and power. This system is responsible for today’s climate crisis.

So lets take our future in our own hands and create a different world.

At this point we want to send greetings to all resisting projects threatened by repression and eviction.

Lets stay angry!

Update from Enough is Enough: The building was evicted after several hours by a massive police force. Hundreds of supporters were protesting in front of the building. Today, Sunday June 23, one person is still detained.

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