Zeist (Netherlands): Krakelingenweg evicted

Around 16:30 yesterday afternoon, the eviction at Krakelingweg 19 came to an end. From 8:00 in the morning onward the police, BraTra, fire brigade, together with some cherry pickers were busy getting people out of the house (including a safe!), the basement, the roof, and of tree houses built on the terrain. During the whole day, the police blocked several parts of the forests in order to prevent anyone (‘looking like a squatter’) coming close to the building. Once the eviction got called to and end, security company Andor (a dog brigade) and DGR Dienstverlening started to clean and secure the building.

According to the police, 14 people got arrested, of which; 6 people inside or around the building; 4 people in tree houses; and 4 people wandering around the forest. The police mentioned that they were not sure whether these hikers were indeed people from “our group”. Also, they mentioned that 2 people had been brought to the hospital, one becoming unwell, and one suffering from hypothermia (low body temperature). We do not know whether both people were checked by an ambulance, and indeed brought to the hospital, or if this was a rumor. As far as we know, 12 people are in the police station (and not 14, as the cops mentioned). They are all doing fine.

After tree intense weeks of resistance, building, creating, and a lot of waiting, we have lost our goddamn cold but lovely home in the forest. Although the law is not on our side and cops seem to make it a little (lot!) harder for us each time, we will not stop.

Wet of geen wet, kraken gat door.
(With or without law, squatting goes on)

Update 15/03/2019: Yesterday between 19.00 and 20.00 the first two people got released! Two people spoke to a doctor, and all people have talked to a lawyer.

Background info about Krakelingweg 19

Since november 2018 we squatted 2 buildings on a former child-care centre in Zeist. One of them is a monument and they evicted us immediatly out of this one. For 2 months we lived in one of the buildings, on the Utrechtseweg 86 in Zeist. The end of december we resquatted the mansion! On January 29th, we had a court case, but in the meantime we are still organizing events and finding out a way to resist a future eviction!

The last weekend of January we also squatted a new place, Krakelingweg 19, in the forest of Zeist! Immediatly we started the negotiacion with the owner, to make a longer stay possible. The day after we got the ‘fuck off’ letter of the state and a couple of days later this happend…

27 February 2019, Call out for support – As the occupation continues, and the police is waiting with evicting. We continue building barricades and people even started to live in the trees. As the police is trying to dry us out, we call out for support. Barricade more, help building tree houses or cook a nice meal. All the help is welcome! This is our stand! No eviction for empty places! No speculation and NO law against squatting!!

Interview end February by Radio Papillon: https://www.indymedia.nl/indyfiles/KrakelingInterview1.mp3

Krakelingweg 19, Zeist

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