Dublin: Activists occupy third Dublin property to highlight Ireland’s housing crisis

Take Back the City: a network of 18 grassroots activist groups who are working together to take direct action against property owners across Ireland’s capital, have occupied a property in Dublin. It is the group’s third action of this kind in the last weeks.

In early August, Take Back the City took over a property Summerhill Parade in response to the eviction of up to 120 tenants with only 48 hours notice. This was followed by another occupation of a property at North Frederick Street, whos owners planned to convert it to a hotel for short-term residents rather than for actual housing.

The most recent occupation was conducted when at least 100 people gathered in the city centre on Monday afternoon and marched towards a vacant property at Belvedere Court before taking it over. The property has now been occupied with banners and posters hanging from the windows.

Last week, Take Back the City defied a a High Court injunction ordering them to vacate and cease trespassing at the four-storey building at North Frederick Street. The property is still occupied by dozens of people who refused to comply with the injunction and demand that “Dublin City Council place a compulsory purchase order on the property, so it can be returned to the community for use as permanent public housing or as a community resource.”

Take Back the City declares that it will continue to fight together against slum landlords, speculators and all those causing the housing crisis in Dublin.

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