East Rand (South Africa): The Zikode Extension Land Occupation has Passed Three Months

The land on which the Zikode Extension Occupation was founded, which is between Germiston and Boksburg on the East Rand, was first occupied on 11 May 2018. We have now been on the land for more than three months. We are still resisting and we will continue to resist.

The police continue to come and destroy any structures that we build, and to burn the building materials. There have been five arrests and a number of assaults.

We held the land throughout the winter, often sleeping out in the open. We all got sick. We have been using a tent, and fires, to keep warm in the night but we can’t all fit into the tent. Sometimes we burn tyres just to keep warm through the night. There is no water at the occupation so we have to carry it in every day.

The occupation has been supported by comrades who are not themselves occupying. Our children have been cared for by neighbours while we struggle for land.

Threats are continuing from the local ANC. They are saying that they will ‘deal with’ us. Our movement is under attack all over the country. Our President is currently underground due to threats to his life.

We are now constantly in and out of court. Siyambusa Mpolase must appear in court again on 31 August. Nomnikelo Sigenu must appear again on 4 September.

We are fighting for land and freedom. We are not backing down. We will not leave this place.

Abahlali baseMjondolo, August 22, 2018.