ZAD: Cat and mouse with the cops

We woke up early [April29], although we had a long day yesterday. We walked to the cop zone, the part of ZAD that was evicted earlier this month. Today people started to restore some of the vegetable gardens that were destroyed during the Evictions. Different groups went into the cop zone to restore damage that was being done by the state action.

Cops again and again tried to prevent some of the groups in the cop zone from returning to the parts of ZAD that are still squatted. At one point our group was not able to cross the road where the cops were positioned. The group wasn’t big enough to fight their way through. We waited for about an hour and tried again but failed.

After that we went to a small lake and suddenly one squad of Riot cops came into the fields near to the lake. We positioned ourself on two sides, ready to defend ourselves if necessary. But the cops retreated after only a few minutes.

We decided to walk back and try one final attempt to cross the road but there were still to much cops at the point where we wanted to cross. We decided to move around them and after a long walk we were able to cross the road. The cops saw us from a distance but could not stop us. They were simply too far away.

We went to La Gree and after that to La Wardine. After the long march it was time to eat and drink something. During a discussion about the cat and mouse game with the cops, somebody came in and told us that many cops arrived at the Saulce crossing.

Immediately many people started to mask themselves and went to La Saulce. About 30 vans with riot cops were on the road and drove towards the La Saulce crossing. One line of Riot cops were standing in front of the Barricade. One of the cops was filming the activists behind the Barricade. Tension was in the air but the Standoff didn’t last long. Most of the vans started to drive towards La Gree. The riot cops in front of the barricade at La Saulce retreated and got into the vans and also drove away.

The occupying cop army are kept busy every day. It makes the whole police operation more expensive day by day. Still people manage to get into the cop zone, do an action and get out of the cop zone again.

Nothing is over, everything is continuing…