ZAD: L’Ancre Noire Evicted

L’ancre noir (the Black Anchor) was evicted during the truce which the delegation from the assembly of usages (organ of bureaucratic power on the ZAD) begged for at the prefecture last week, in exchange for some legal papers, the same ones as the henchmen of the state were handing to those arrested last week, in the form of a bad joke that becomes more and more reality …”this paper is the price of your liberty.”

The state, we know what it is and what it does to people and spaces that deny its authority, since it began. The rebels, these people and these spaces (some of which also represent new or old states) have a similar historical tendency to confront the offensives of the State until they collapse, or until their disappearance or assimilation.

Speaking of assimilation, we want to say that the assembly of usages and its delegations are part of the degrading spectacle of institutionalization taking place on the ZAD for at least a year now, ever since the gradual surrender of the road (the “self-managed cleaning” of March and December 2017 and the construction site of the DDE with police occupation legitimized by the assembly of usages from January to March 2018), since the mediation committee for the abandonment of the airport (October 2017 – January 2018) until the acts of torture on the evening of March 20 commensurate on a friend of ours by tieing his hands and put in to a car trunk of some of Toni Negri’s childrens (following a symbolic sabotage of the newly restored road), some repented based in the zone and organized under the banner of the CMDO in the ZAD – and more generally in the French imaginary party – which is here called to dissociate and banish definitively from any space called “liberated,” “occupied” and “self-organized” in the region, on french territory, and internationally. In time, their names and faces will be (more and more) put into public, to deter other Bolshevik blows in the future.

We appeal here to comrades of spaces declaring themselves antagonistic, everywhere in france and elsewhere, to no longer host and organize themselves with such characters, cheerleaders of a dividing institutionalization in the revolutionary movement and acts of physical aggressions – collaborating with the repressive and political interests of the state.

We also want to say that in early February, the occupiers of the l’ancre noire definitively dissociated themselves from the institutional ZAD when the discussions for a “conceivable” request for legalization of the peripheral lands of the ZAD mentioned the squat. Considering it as the home of many friends, the ZAD can now be defined as an institution to overthrow, and a territory to liberate, with its logics of power and structural oppression.

We prefer to exist like wild and free individuals in constant conflict with power, all power , wherever it comes from, wherever it goes and most important, wherever we are present.

All of our solidarity goes to those imprisoned by the french state since the conflict on the ZAD began again…

… see you in the barricades?

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