France: In sight of evictions on the #ZAD #NDDL

To reach the area to defend before Monday, April 9
Important Information to read & to consider on the conditions of the area and those who find themselves there

– In what state of mind do we want to defend the ZAD ? there is no question, under the pretext of clashes, accepting among us sexism, virilism, homophobia, racism, classism, ableism, speciesism, and other discrimination’s that we fight on a daily basis. We also ask to avoid using live trees to build barricades.
– In struggling one necessarily faces capitalism and its police. The ZAD has a “legal team” to support you in your legal issues. This page (mostly in french) tries to point you to the different precautions, how to find out and find support, how to prepare defences and inform you about legal developments
Prefectural orders until April 12 to maintain repression and facilitate expulsions to the ZAD

Home, self-management and field coordination

Three gathering places to be able to orientate on the various necessary points if you do not know the direction or how to coordinate yourself in the whole – read the practical information.

– The Autonomous Camp of the Angry Lama at the intersection of the D281 and the fosses noires
Infos :
Carte :–?layers=ND&m=&node=5144889534

– Intergalactic place of Lambazada accessible by the path of chemin de suez
Infos : &
Carte :

– “Camping des cheveux blancs (white hairs)” in front of the fosses noires
Infos :
Carte :–?layers=ND&m=&node=5144889534

In case you have something that seems useful for the various activities on zone :
– Logistical & material needs for the self-managed camp of the angry lama:
– List of materials, addresses for various locations on the ZAD and projects:

And to inform you about the situation

Direct and reliable news media sources (do not hesitate to contact us to add information sources or to write in the comments, looking for english sources/relays)

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