Trespass Journal Issue 2

Trespass Journal is self-managed, open access, and unfunded. It is multidisciplinary and publishes work in different languages. It is an online journal which also publishes selected works in print.

Trespass collects together reflections on personal experiences, essays, papers, conference proceedings, interviews, discussions, letters and other interventions from individual squatters and collectives who are using squatting to promote social change. We aim to publish submissions of peer-reviewed articles and working papers on research topics connected to squatting struggles worldwide

In issue 2:

1 Peer-Reviewed Articles
Baptiste Colin – “esquatter”: est-ce squatter ? À propos des squatts: de quoi parle-t-on? [FR]

2 Translations
Clair-obscur du squat et de la communauté [ES-FR]
Kraken en privatisering van de woningnood [EN-NL]

3 Interventions
Protect our Farmland [EN]
Che ne sarà di noi? [IT]
Okupación y Resistencia Rural en Casa Selba [ES]
Utrecht: Watertoren Amsterdamsestraatweg gekraakt [NL]
Utrecht: Watertower squatted to protest squatban [EN]
Call for Hambi International Solidarity [EN]

4 Book Reviews
E.T.C. Dee reviews Jeffrey Babcock’s Seances: Re-wiring images in the Amsterdam Underground [EN]
N.N. reviews Nazima Kadir’s Towards an Autonomous Life? [EN]

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Complete issue free to download as a whole (29mb)