Italy: squats and houses raided and evicted, anarchist comrades arrested…

This Thursday 3rd of August, 2017, in the morning, the cops have broken the doors of several rented and squatted houses in Florence, Rome and Lecce, to arrest eight anarchist comrades from Florence.

La Repubblica (Italian mainstream newspaper) says it’s the result of an investigation made by the DIGOS (Division of General Investigations and Special Operations) and the antiterrorist Italian police, regarding two events. First, an explosive device was put in front of a fascist bookshop linked to Casapound during last New Year’s Eve, and the police bomb-disposal expert lost a hand and an eye. Second, a Molotov cocktail was thrown against a Carabinieri barracks in Rovezzano (Florence) on 21st of April, 2017. The cops say they have identified people via bugging telephones, tailings and samplings of biological material (DNA). The charges are: “attempted homicide” for the five comrades of the first case, and “construction, possession and transport in a public place of an explosive or incendiary device” and “aggravated degradation” for all of the comrades, everything seasoned with a “criminal association”… The cops could still be looking for other people. The press, as scavengers, published the full name as well as the age and city of origin and residence of each of the arrested.

In Florence, during the search of La Riottosa squat, the comrades went to the roof to resist for several hours the arrests and the eviction of the house, squatted for ten years, while other people showed their solidarity near the squat besieged by the cops.

Freedom for Giovanni, Marina, Micol, Nicola, Pasca, Robi, Sandro, Vespe !
Freedom for all !


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