Turin: Police storm several occupied spaces and make 6 arrests

20170503_Asilo_Occupato_Torino_At 6:30am on 3rd May antiriot police and carabinieri squads coordinated by Digos and ROS, stormed Asilo Occupato, the squats on Corso Giulio Cesare and Borgo Dora and two houses in Turin and Barge; the local media also mentioned raids carried out in Bologna and Cuneo, of which we have no confirmation.

The pretext for this repressive operation, which led to six comrades being arrested, is an alleged scuffle that took place outside Asilo last February at the end of a night event; the charges are kidnapping, aggravated damage and resisting public officials. Antonio from Lecce, Antonio Sardo, Camille, Fabiola, Fran and Giada were taken to the prison of Le Vallette, and there’s mention of an unconfirmed seventh arrest.

In the meantime, as the cops are taking it easy and don’t seem to want to go away in spite of the arrests made, we are calling for the squatters still on the roof to join the gathering on Corso Brescia, corner with via Alessandria.

Update 10:20: antiriot squads and digos are still at the spot; searches are being carried out at Asilo concerning damage on Lavazza premises; energy company staff have turned out to cut off energy supply. Some of the squatters are resisting on the roof and we are making a call for them to join the gathering.

Update: waiting for news from the lawyers we confirm the 6 arrests; gas has been cut off at Asilo Occupato.

A meeting has been called on Thursday 4th May at 7pm at Asilo Occupato on via Alessandria 12, Turin.

To send letters and telegrams (updated address):

Antonio Rizzo

Antonio Pittalis

Camille Casteran

Giada Volpacchio

Fabiola De Costanzo

Francisco Esteban Tosina

C.C. – Via Maria Adelaide Aglietta 35 – 10151 Turin – Italy


For more info see the article of macerie:

In May, not roses

It’s been years now that between May and June the forces of order storm the Asilo squat and comrades’ homes to notify them of restrictive measures and arrests. Of course measures and arrests are not spared throughout the rest of the year either but – alas – they take particular care to honour their pre-summer tradition.

This morning at 6:30 with a good variety of vehicles including vans and cars, police and carabinieri (and also ROS) raided the ex-nursery on Alessandria, the squats at Corso Giulio 45 and in via Borgo Dora 39 and some private homes, and they took Antonio, Giada, Antonio, Camille, Francisco and Fabiola away. Some comrades immediately went up on the roof of the squatted homes and stayed until the police operation ended; meantime accomplices and people in solidarity descended upon Corso Brescia in dribs and drabs in order to check the situation and utter a few words to the gentlemen in uniform and plain clothes.

As there were no measures other than imprisonment we didn’t get a chance to see the court papers, so will have to wait for them to be sent to the lawyers to see the charges. The local media talk of an operation referring to the night between 25th and 26th February. From what they wrote, during a prisoners’ benefit night at Asilo, a carabinieri patrol car was allegedly surrounded by about fifteen people, who were therefore charged with kidnapping, vehicle damage, resisting and threatening a public official. Heavy charges, such as kidnapping, which if confirmed would lead to anything but light offences for the comrades. Not that this is the first time, as that charge was used in the case of the maxi-operation of 3rd June 2014 intended to punish the struggle against evictions, the trial of which is being held precisely over these weeks. On that occasion they were charged with kidnapping a bailiff.

But for the moment we can’t say how the kidnapping charge has been used in this latest investigation.

This morning’s repression didn’t stop with the arrests. Besides taking the six comrades away, at Asilo the forces of order damaged tools, smashed windows and doors and seized the money of the benefit fund, although this hasn’t been ascertained definitely.

But the most interesting note concerns the searches, justified by another investigation, like the first carried out by prosecutor Rinaudo: they seized all the computers and hard disks, some mobile phones and looked for spray cans and clothing for the identification of those who trashed the premises of Iaad and Lavazza on 5th April. We are not surprised, the new bosses of the neighbourhood are exercising their economic and repressive interests thoroughly.

The morning was therefore a long one and after the searches police and carabinieri prolonged their stay in order to allow technicians of Iren and Italgas to check power connections at Asilo; in fact the operation only ended when the gas was cut off. The action, however, got an immediate response: comrades and accomplices took to the streets of the neighbourhood up to the Italgas premises on Corso Palermo, and used paint to expose the company’s abomination on the walls. Then the small demo went to the nearby Lavazza managerial premises chanting slogans for freedom, against the coffee giant and its gleaming building.

In a few minutes five police vans arrived to protect the structure and they are still there.

The forces of order were fast, very fast but Five Star Movement mayor’s words were even faster. In the morning, as the police were still taking our comrades away, Chiara Appendino congratulated the forces of order and especially Rinaudo on the arrests.

If anyone had any doubts on what govering a city means, here is the right answer straight from her disgusting mouth.

To conclude, we call for a meeting tomorrow at Asilo at 7pm to talk and organize a response to the umpteenth repressive attack.

We are also giving the address and names of the three comrades that we know are definitely being held in that prison, as we are not sure where the others are being held.

Let’s write to them and give them courage.

Giada Volpacchio

Antonio Rizzo

Francisco Javier Esteban Tosina

C.C. Lorusso e Cutugno

Via Maria Adelaide Aglietta 35

10149 Turin


macerie @ 3rd May 2017