Porto Alegre (Brazil): New space for Biblioteca Kaos

20170402_opening_Biblioteca_KaosLet’s occupy again! Biblioteca Kaos (Kaos Library) has a new space.
On Sunday, March 12, we entered the house at 641 Coronel João Manoel street, near the start of the hill. The house was abandoned three years ago and it is in the middle of the historical center of Porto Alegre, it forms part of the inheritances of two of the most bourgeois families and owners of the city for centuries: Chaves Barcellos and Wallig.
We are absolutely certain that we are irritating the powerful who have already appeared to threaten us and very ludicrously invite us to be part of their alternative capitalism projects. Our answer is unanimous: we are anarchists and squatters, and we will not have any conversation with the bourgeoisie at all.
To our surprise and joy, the neighborhood fully supports the occupation because they can see that a few people have set up a space that has been unused for years. The interactions with them have had a clear attitude of solidarity and initiative not only in words but above all in action, they participated bit by bit in the cleaning of the space and supported us with their presence during some of the visits by the owners.
After the threats by the owners to throw us out with their henchmen and pit bulls, the other squatters of the city arrived to show us their solidarity and support.
At the moment we are still fighting for the space but our decision from the start is still to remain without either legal or verbal negotiation with the owners. Occupation is a subversive practice that can’t be swallowed up by real estate rules, it is an effective response to the absurd accumulation of land into the hands of a privileged few. Our determination in the face of this is clear: abandoned house, occupied house.
We send our greetings to Solidaria who face an eviction in the next few days, compas – an eviction, another occupation!! To the compas of Nadir and CCF in Greece, compas we follow! Bibliotechas (Libraries) Flecha Negra in Brazil, Sacco and Vanzetti and Sebastian Oversluij in Chile, and to all self-managed spaces in search of anarchy.
From a new space we will continue from where we have always been: in search of freedom and against all authority!
In the next few days we will provide updates about the opening times and activities of the library.

Biblioteca Anárquica Kaos
Biblioteca-kaos [at] riseup [dot] net

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