Dublin: Demands of Apollo House Residents

Home Sweet Home squatted Apollo House in Dublin on Thursday 15 December. This building is the former Department of Social Protection offices, which is now being used to house the homeless.


“We want somewhere we can close the door behind us and call home.”

These are the demands of residents in Apollo House who will be left with nowhere to go if Apollo House closes on January 11th and no response from government or council.
They are simple and achievable. They include those who are on housing waiting lists for long periods of time to be housed so they can rebuild their lives. Other people want to be accepted for the HAP scheme so they can rent a home. There is no one size fits all – everyone’s needs are different, but these needs cant be met without a safe, secure and place to call home.
These are the demands straight from residents. We call on government and council to address them to ensure the safety of people who have suffered enough through government’s inaction and broken promises.