Amsterdam: De Rooie Nies, Lange Niezel 25 squatted

20161209_DeRooieNies_LangeNiezel25Neighbourhood letter:


Lange Niezel 25 has been squatted as of Sunday December 4th. This means that the squatters are the new official residents. The reasons for this action are:
– the shortage of housing in Amsterdam, particularly social housing
– corrupt housing corporations with waiting lists years long
– a house that’s been out of use for more than 8 years
– a street that hasn’t actually been improved by Project 1012
– the simple reason that a few people want to live there

We can imagine that you’re worried about this, probably because of the bad reputation squatters have. We have absolutely no plan to make this house into a den of thieves.  We’ve chosen a select group of people to live here and we want to fit into the neighborhood as much as possible.  This means that we want to avoid creating nuisances such as trash and noise problems.  More importantly, we’d like to give the building a presentable appearance and finally, to restore its monumental value.

“…Some of the floors above shops are currently standing empty, and are ideal for residential space. Having people living in a neighbourhood makes it a safer and more pleasant area to be in, residents make it more liveable and lively, providing social control and cohesion. Having tenants living in a building also prevents it falling into disrepair….”  (

We also hope to actively contribute to the livability of the neighborhood, because we believe that squatters have a particular moral responsibility in cultural and social areas. The presence of squatters in the neighborhood is very useful.  We can contribute to protecting the area from the gentrification of Project 1012.  Our intentions are good.  We’d like to invite you for a cup of coffee (once the house is presentable), then we can also talk about your concerns, opinions and ideas.

Thanks in advance!


Your New Neighbors

De Rooie Nies
Lange Niezel 25
derooienies [at] squat [dot] net