Turin: ExMOI calls for solidarity

On the night of October 23rd two loud explosions have shaken the neighborhood of Lingotto, Turin, Italy. Bombs and firecrackers were placed in one of the building of Ex-MOI, the former Olympic Village, occupied since 2013 by migrants and refugees. It was likely a revenge by football ultras against some migrants they had a fight with. Unfortunately these migrants live among many other, currently 1200. Hearing the explosions many escaped from the building and spread in the nearby streets.
The aggression itself is scary enough but it´s part of a serie that took place lately. Since last year Ex-MOI was part of right-wing parties´ political strategy to pressure the local government and to enforce an eviction. Recently a newly born committee campaining for the eviction, created and backed by neofascist group Casapound, artificially created tensions: promoting a demonstration, inviting right-wing media to report aggressions to neighbours that never happened and depicting a situation, that though never easy, is not certainly a social war.
The police, even with its daily 24/7 presence in front of the occupation, took long time to react, did not block or identify the aggressors and only limited itself to blocking the area. Minister of Interior promised a patrol of 150 soldiers, not exactly what´s needed to ease the tension.
Furthermore the Mayor decided to reopen the plan for the eviction and relocation of the habitants, even though a real proposal hasn´t been formulated.
Despite the last tensions the ExMOI have always been a peaceful place, a place where migrants and refugees managed to recreate a life and to self-organize.
We, as solidarity committee supporting them since the beginning, ask to manifest your solidarity for all those living in Ex-MOI, to recognize their struggle and continue to be committed to eliminate inequalities, racism and fascism.