Greece: Responsibility Claim for decentralized Actions at party local offices as a token of solidarity to the 3 squats in Thessaloniki

20160729_Syriza_minister_residenceOn the morning of July 27th, the so-called left government of Syriza orchestrated an efficient operation of evacuation of all squats in Thessaloniki which housed refugees and immigrants. It seems that the assignee Syriza perfectly functioned as the “middleman” who connected the far right conservative tension with that of the neo-liberal, ‘Potami’-like (social-liberal party) capitalists. Two tensions connected by an undisputed blood bond, capital. It seems that some believe, that all problems that plague society are almost solved and that now the only thing left is its purging from the world of struggle and the refugees of war (military or economic). It fills us with joy however that they practically cancel each other out. The only healthy part of society is the one which resists, the one which supports the immigrants with solidarity. It is fighters, usually unemployed, underpaid, students who dedicate whatever free time they have to create horizontal structures, which self-preserve themselves and do not have the slightest economic or political gain. It is those who give life to the decadent neighborhoods, showing that we do not need dominators to organize our lives.

A piece of advice, it would be a good idea that one of your well paid
advisors should inform you over there in Syriza, that such acts bring us
together and make us stronger. Especially ridiculous things, such as the
announcements the party made against the oppression you launched, places
an even larger part of society on the side of the struggle. This is why,
for every squat you close down, we will open ten.
Besides the perfect materialization of the memorandums which you share
with ‘New Democracy’(liberal-conservative party), it seems you also gave
in to their pressures to impose sanctions against the No Border group.
The political decision taken, was incited by “humanists” Anthimos
(metropolitan bishop of Thessaloniki) and Boutaris (mayor of
Thessaloniki), revealing the real face of all those involved in the
wider society. Then the mayor of Athens Kaminis, right after the
evacuations, sued occupied spaces on public property and tried in vain
to compensate the viciousness of an upcoming evacuation in Athens also,
by making statements in hindsight, about the city creating structures
for housing refugees.

As anarchists we know such practices very well, this is why this whole
thing did not surprise us, contrarily we expected it. However you should
expect and take our response for granted as well.
We therefore take the responsibility for the interventions at Syriza
offices on the night of Sunday July 31st to Monday August 1st. More
specifically, on Sunday comrades made a coordinated attack with rocks,
hammers and paint against Syriza offices in the following
-Ano Patissia
and against the offices of N.D. in Nea Ionia and Agia Paraskevi.

These acts of ours are a minimal symbolic act of solidarity to the 74
arrested in Thessaloniki on July 27th 2016 and to the immigrants who
were sent to concentration camps, as well as a respond to the
Syriza-Anel government, the church of Greece and the municipalities of
Athen and Thessaloniki.


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