Porto Alegre, Brazil: Biblioteca Kaos squat facing eviction, Call for resistance

Biblioteca Kaos (Chaos Library) facing eviction on August 4th 2016
An invitation to resistance

Greetings comrades and friends.
Projects that are built from a position of confrontation and conflict travel through waters of constant change and innovation.
Since the beginning of Biblioteca Kaos, we knew that when you build an occupied space, you choose this possibility.

A few days ago, they arrived at our door with the order to evict the home where we live, and where we run the library, the natural pharmacy and many other activities where we meet and conspire together. The eviction is scheduled for August 4th, with a judicial order authorizing the police to make effective the reintegration of ownership.

This year, two other squats were evicted – Semente and Kuna, others were born, and others resisted the eviction attempts with various strategies. The context is becoming more and more oppressive for squatting, however it also means – as was stated by a comrade from Nadir squat, that squatting represents a threat to the dominant order.

We are not going to make any kind of legal negotiation. For us the squat was and still is part of the political stance we proposed for the space and we will maintain this position. We believe that squatting is a praxis of confrontation against capitalism and domination, therefore legalizing a subversive praxis will not be our response. Also we are not going to use the truck, the workers nor the tools they announced they would let us use. The hands of those who oppress us will not write our destinies.

On the day of Thursday, August 4th at 8 in the morning, we will be here, ready for the confrontation. We will not leave the library before that day. We will defend the Kaos, our space for the expansion of anarchy.

We invite all those who struggle against authority, and feel an affinity with our space, to give strength to the space and to support us with your presence from the street.

When squatting is in conflict, the only answer..the confrontation!
Every eviction, another squat!

Occupy and resist!
Biblioteca Kaos

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