Hambach Forest: Eviction Alert!

Anti-Coal Mining Fight continues in the Rhineland in the Hambacher Forest (previously on S!N)for the 4th consecutive year with direct action, forest barricades, and three treesits/treehouse occupations: Oaktown, Beechtown, F*ck Off, and Death Trap. Sending a message to those engaging in exploitation of natural resources in the form of brown coal and other fossil fools that their destruction of natural habitats such as Hambacher Forest and ensuing global mercury and cadmium emissions combined with CO2 dumping and its global climate chaos effects will not be tolerated.
After the previous month’s clearing of barricades the forest once again has been blocked with ditches, ground, hanging and living barricades and continues to be occupied in multiplicity of platforms and treehouses. We call on you to join us and make it possible for comrades who have spent a winter and the cutting season in the forest to take a well earned rest. The Hambi Occupation has also just at the same time celebrated its 4th year of the Meadow Camp and also recovered from one of the most massive police raids (it is an interesting coincidence how events of so many comrades gathering together has had usually that effect) so far with over 60 vehicles, helicopters and approx. 300 officers leading not just to temporary arrest of 7 comrades but also to confiscation of phones, laptops and cameras regardless of the official pretext of acquiring the warrant to look for “weapons” such as slingshots, fireworks and road-spikes. This focus on one type of possible form of forest defense and instead focusing on confiscation of “weapons of mass communication” so essential for press work and videography in time of possible eviction has been a previous police tactic proceeding the coming of actual forest evictions.

This combined with RWE Stockholders Meeting in which a Clima Criminal RWE tethering on a brink of bankruptcy could use an eviction as a distractionary tactic and the only possible piece of “good news” in front of pissed of investors has led to this shout-out for support from all individuals and collectives to support Hambacher Forest, spread the word locally and globally and connect the Hambi Fight with your local projects and Struggles.

Regardless of the oppression the state throws at the Hambacher Forest like the microbes, insects, plants, birds, and animals cohabiting all of our living barricades, that remain alive with the spirit of resistance, Hambacher Forest will remain as not just a reminder but also a call to action. Louder so the more disproportionate resources of the state apparatus are directed towards it.

Hambi Bleibt!!

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