Amsterdam: We are Here squat evicted and demo attacked

On Friday May 29, 2015 the We Are Here refugee group left the Vluchtgebouw. This is the squatted building at Jan Tooropstraat 649 where they had taken up residence since August 2014, after they were evicted from the Vluchthaven.

The refugees left the building voluntarily, after consultation with the owner, because the building will be demolished. The owner has in the 9 months of their stay been very helpful.

Where the refugees now have to go is unclear. Except temporary accommodation there is no other place. They are looking for a REAL solution, not a shelter where they can only sleep at night and in the morning again have to leave again.

[A mainstream media account suggests they found a warehouse in Amsterdam North]

The action group We Are Here two and a half years ago started to denounce how refugees be rejected and then be put on the street. One reason for rejecting asylum is often that they do not have documents as they fled war and persecution. The refugees can not return to countries such as Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia or Eritrea, because of fear of violence or because embassies do not cooperate with their return.

5 refugees have been arrested at the Stopera and many people were beaten. Amongst them the most active refugees and supporters that always take care of communication and arranging stuff. The people are devastated. Never in the three years of action by We Are Here we were hit with so much violence. The group now walks to their brothers and sisters of the Smaragdgroup to relax a bit, drink something, use the toilet and to discuss and share with each other this experience. Also a possible solidarity issue for our dear dear friends that are now captured will be discussed. If possible: please keep your evening free and spread this message!

LATER – all those arrested are free again