Nijmegen (NL): Critical Cafe opens

On the morning of April 30 the New University Nijmegen opened the critical café Terecht! at Radboud University. This space will be a place where students, teachers and support staff can come together and discuss the role of the university. The New University Nijmegen is a movement proposing for an open, critical university for everyone. It is part of a broader national and international movement of students and teachers. With the opening of Terecht! we hope to make a contribution to the recent debate about the place of the university in society.

The café is located where previously was the ‘Gerecht’ restaurant. This space is empty for a while and so far has planned use. By putting it in use students themselves give new purpose to an unused space. In using Terecht! we will take into account the opening times of the university and the building.

The aim is to make Terecht! a long-term project.

[Loose translation from their website]