Besançon, France: Developers repainted against gentrification

Between Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th March 2015, the offices of the property developers SMCI – Pierre&Vie, located on Gambetta street, were stained with black paint.

This is a small response to the disgusting activity in recent years of SMCI in Besançon. With the many projects destined to attract investors and the bourgeois, SMCI is an ideal target for anyone wanting to resist gentrification of working-class neighbourhoods.

We do not forget that the Mayor in all this campaigns to chase the poor out of the city centre, as well as building the tramway and landscaping cultural spaces for yuppie-artist-hipsters.

We never leave them in peace!

PS: despite the rapid intervention of a cleaning company the following afternoon, the aftermath remains on their facade – it seems indelible.

[Translated from Nantes Indymedia by Squat!net]