Prague: Autonomous centre Klinika calls for support!

klinika_Jeseniova_60_praha_3As we already informed you in previous article, the squatted autonomous centre Klinika (situated in former clinic owned by state, now in decay and without any real plans how to revive it) in Prague was evicted on 9th of December, despite having support from neighbourhood, people from wider cultural scene and even from council of local municipality, Žižkov. The struggle continues and Klinika needs any kind of support more than before.

While there still were (and still are) some kind of negotiations going on between delegates from Klinika and various state and city organizations, a solidarity happening took place in Prague on Saturday 13th of December. Up to thousand people joined and walked through the neighbourhood in a possitive mood. After the march was finished in front of Klinika, a group of attendees occupied the house for a few minutes, but after they were persuaded by so-called “Anti-conflict team” of the police, they left without any force being used on them. However, the police used this issue as an excuse to displace people from public spaces around the house in quite a brutal way – the organizer of demo was beaten down for no obvious reason, people were pushed to fall down the hill, two ended up in hospital…

As media were surprisingly more on squatters’ side this time, next day the police came up with very lame story of anarchists trying to burn a police car “as a revenge for Klinika”. In disclosed video, they didn’t even manage to make the “damaged” car dirty from flames and Klinika disavowed from this act immediately, so noone moderately sane could believe their tale. But mainstream media enjoy blood, so they turned their approach to the case back to their beloved witch hunt against squatters and anarchists. Moreover, the promised negotiations with authorities, which could possibly help to find a solution for Klinika, are more about lying and explaining why it’s not possible to do anything at all.

To support Klinika – to deliver them some energy for their fight – many support acts are going on these days. There are solidarity events like concerts, happenings, discussions etc. being organized in Prague and various cities around Czech republic. Also in virtual space, different ways of support are shown – e.g. individual people and organizations are posting their photos showing support to Klinika. It’s up to you to do so as well or be creative!

Also watch their web and social networks for latest news and check for next events to come. Klinika still lives!

Jeseniova 60
Prague, Czech Republic
klinika [at] 451 [dot] cz

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