Zaandam (NL): Cultural centre OVB evicted

This morning Botenmakerstraat 16 (OVB) in Zaandam was evicted by the special unit of the ME [riot police]. They took more than 2 hours to enter. Ultimately, there are three people arrested and at the station.

The OVB was the first building (at least in Zaan area) that was squatted after criminalisation in 2010. The OVB is a cultural centre. During its four years of existence, there were many exhibitions, film screenings, meetings, music nights and much more. It was a place which everyone including the Zaanstad municipality can be proud of. Additionally, it has provided accommodation to many people.



This the town council sees probably quite different. The property has been sold to a private individual who plans to make multiple expensive apartments . During a tour of the property, the new owner laughed at the demand to inspect his plans. The squatters understood during a mediation attempt by the police, that an employee of the Department of Land Management of the municipality of Zaanstad had told the new owner that the squatters should not be spoken with. This despite squatters leaving voluntarily the former Sportfondsenbad on the Mauvestraat and the fire department building in Zaandijk, both like OVB owned by the municipality. This employee has previously caused other problems.

We will continue to fight for places like the OVB.

OVB is ours!

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