squat!net downtime / hardware update

Dear squat!net users,

Yesterday, Wednesday September 10th squat!net had a /planned/ downtime from approximately 12 AM until approximately 4 PM or earlier, which allowed us to install new hardware.

We are painfully aware that squat!net has had a lot of sometimes longish downtimes recently. Our apologies for that: the tech-team of squat!net works like a good old fashioned squatted space, we are all doing this work on
volunteered time and money. We are dedicated, but we are also poor andvchaotic and whatnot. Earlier, a comrade organized some extra RAM for the server, but it didn’t fix the regular crashes encountered by our box. So we have installed a ‘new’ secondhand server that was kindly donated to us by a loyal supporter of the squatting movement, and we really hope that it will solve our downtime problems on the short term. On the longer term, we are also looking into a complete software
rehaul of the squat!net server, to ensure easier use for you, less technical fiddling for us, and enhanced security for all of us.

So, please bear with us, we are happy to serve the squatting movement at large! Send us suggestions, requests, complaints, fanmail, or if you have some kicking collective, organize a benefit to help us cover the costs – we don’t need a lot to run s!n, but we do need to spend some money on the physical hosting of our server and on new bits of hardware every now and then.

By all means get involved! Here is how:

Contact page = https://en.squat.net/contact/
Email = squat [at] squat [dot] net
IRC = #squat on the indymedia network, easy access via

Hosting = https://en.squat.net/hosting/
Help = https://help.squat.net/

News in different languages = http://planet.squat.net/

Listings = http://radar.squat.net [even better new version coming soon!]
Films = http://video.squat.net

Thx for your patience, and keep squatting da lot!

Your s!n tech-team.