Brazil: On the world cup

Sorry guys but don’t want to sound rude but just one thing

Why should I wear a Brazilian t-shirt and support my shit country?

Give me a reason for wearing one and I can give you 100 reasons not to wear one..

Now tell me.. who is this world cup for? Who will benefit from it? Who will be laughing in the end? Who will make loads of money? Definitely not for the poor people because they can just about afford their own food, also the poor people are the ones who love football more than anyone but they can’t afford paying around R$1.000,00 for a ticket while the minimum wages is R$724,00 per month.. Imagine how frustrating is for those people who love football and can’t watch a game in their own country? Plus all those other people who are getting evicted from their own houses.. Where do they go with their children? What are they going to do? What they going to eat? What education they will give to their children.. Which hospital are they going to go if they need? Isn’t that sad? Well I think it is very sad for me.. Brazil is not prepared for world cup yet.. they must look after their people before than trying to look good for the gringos.. we are shit.. we all know that.. we are not prepared.. police are not prepared to deal with such situations.. then you see what happens.. people getting killed by police who are not prepared.. I won’t be surprised to see how many people will lose their life in Brazil when this shit game ends there..
Now tell why should I support Brazil? I would love to support Brazil but I am not.. when I think what is behind it it just makes me angry.. I haven’t even watched one game yet.. so fuck off I am not shouting out if they score a goal.. I will actually be angry if they score a goal…

Any Brazilian who may feel offended with what I just said feel free to unfriend and and good lucky with supporting this shit country.. I am not against you for supporting Brazil.. I am just telling you why I am not I am not supporting Brazil this time.. I am so ashamed for being born in this terrible country and I hope Brazil gets out of this world cup soon..

Fuck Brazil.. Fuck FIFA.. Fuck the world cup..