Amsterdam: Valreep is going to be evicted

Dear friends of the Valreep,

The court’s decision 13/6/14 was negative: The Valreep will be evicted. We’re entering this weekend the very very last stage of the Valreep.

Although our program has officially come to an end, we as a social and cultural centre of course don’t sit around picking our nose these days. Hence, we are organising a final workshop: “How do I make my home 100% break-in proof”. Learn the intricacies of security, bring a drill with full battery and charger, and a welding machine, and learn from true professionals how to protect against unwanted visitors.

The Valreep will be workshopping all weekend and probably Monday too. The workshop weekend includes food, new crusty friends and closing campfire talks.
All this is free of charge.

The coffee is ready at half past ten.

A firm handshake,
the Valreep

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