Barcelona: Can Vies re-occupied! Rebuilding Begins!

The morning demo on Day 6 was a huge success. After 5 nights of rioting Barcelona Council had declared the ‘demolition of Can Vies suspended’.

In reality the protestors had already stopped demolition work by burning the machinery on day 2. However when we arrived on Saturday morning the 1ooo’s of riot police were nowhere to be seen.

Dozens of occupiers in yellow helmets were already at work clearing rubble, removing dangerous beams, and decorating the burnt out excavator with flowers.

With no police a carnival atmosphere quickly developed, but the Can Vies collectives really were beginning to rebuild, a tractor of cement arrived and we were given tools to prepare bricks for re-laying.

Soon a human chain was organised, half a kilometer long, and we began sending a pile of rubble direct to the local Sants barrio town hall! The bar was opened in the street, food was being prepared, and we heard of support demos happening all over Catalunya, the Peninsula and in Europe.

Meanwhile final preparations are underway for the big evening demo in Barcelona center, scheduled to be either a bloody battle or a victory parade if the police stay away.


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