Calais: Squat Evictions Planned for May 30th


We are a group of people from different countries and different political backgrounds who are fighting for the right to housing for everyone , whatever their origin. Since the end of February we have held three empty public buildings, abandoned by the DPO of Calais on Rue de Vic, Rue Auber and Rue Massena. Although there are no plans for these houses, the DPO has engaged in legal proceedings and the court has ruled that the buildings are to be vacated on 30th May

Since the end of February, in the three squats, lives have been created and many links with neighbors have been built. These are temporary places, but necessary. Solidarity and housing are crucial for survival in daily life.

We demand that the sub-prefect do not send the police or intervene on May 30 or the following days, to forcefully evict these three occupied buildings.

We call for a meeting between residents, representatives of DPOs and Subprefecture to reach an agreement on the occupation of buildings.

And we do not stop there…

Calais and elsewhere:

Help us and express your disagreement with the planned evictions of squats rue Massena, rue de Vic and rue Auber, and the possible eviction of other areas which are home to migrants

. Write to the sub-prefect of Calais Alain Gérard 9 Esplanade Vendroux BP357 62100 Calais Tel: Fax: or the prefect of Pas de Calais Denis Robin Rue Ferdinand Buisson 62020 Arras Cedex 9 Tel: Fax:

Come to Calais and show your support

[Communique published on the Calais Migrant Solidarity blog]