Notre-Dame-des-Landes: Thwarted Eviction of a New Squat on the ZAD

St. Jean du Tertre Resists!

Faced with the clear threat of police intervention on the ZAD, the airport opposition movement showed their determination, their unity, and their capicity to mobilize.

Farmers, squatters and citizens barricaded together the roads leading to the newly squatted house, called St. Jean du Tertre.

Dozens of tractors and several hundred people were there waiting at 5am. This massive and unified reaction will be a systematic response to any attempt of the police to come onto the zone.

The local collectives are staying vigilant and are ready to block the region to prevent any evictions or beginning construction work. At the national level 200 collectives have prepared to occupy places of power in case of police intervention.

The airport will not be built! On the ground, the occupation of this territory intensifies, we continue to live on it and cultivate it. We are together and ready for what comes after the airport is cancelled.

The resisters of St. Jean du Tertre

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The prefect called to negotiate after 24 hours of barricades on the main roads. He proposed to not evict two squats in question (St. Jean du Tertre and La Freuziere) until after the end of the legal appeals process for the airport (at least a year, probably 2) if people took the barricades down and filled in the trenches. People accepted on the condition that he would publish the details of the proposal in the newspaper. So now these two squats are under the same agreement as the rented houses on the zone.

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