Barcelona: ”Let’s Squat 1000 more Banks.. ”

The 3rd time lucky ? There’s a new eviction lawsuit against the Expropriated Bank, which is one of the most active Occupied Social centers in Barcelona, with dozens of varied activities every week.

THE 3rd time lucky ? Catalunya Caixa Bank will try for the third time in one year to evict and regain ownership of

The Return … Force the Catalunya Bank to retreat!..NOT ONE STEP BACK!

If held , the case will be decided on April 29. We believe the Bank wants to wear us down by replaying the legal process continuously.

It’s difficult to maintain a sustained campaign of resistance for so long . However, we also know that the campaign in defense of the Expropriated Bank has hurt them and that is why we have not seen enough strength to get us out yet, which is a victory that can not be despised .

Still many people may have started to believe that this instability could mean the amount of effort put in is not compensated .

It’s true that to have the constant threat of losing the space undermines all processes , but it is equally true that the mere fact of having to resist by occupying shows the kind of relationship we want to establish with what we are fighting against .

Capitalism may seem an abstract entity : it is everywhere , and often we don’t know where to attack it. Banks are a concrete place where we can find a leverage point . . We choose to occupy the banks’ property because of from the first minute we’re already hurting them.

We choose to be an enemy of the banks not only by defending the four walls but by making a social model very different than that of the owner of the space. It’s a fight we need to win.

When we called for the expropriation of 1000 Banks that was not simply a figure of speech to justify a stand against eviction .

Let’s occupy 1000 more Banks.. We refer specifically to the need to choose our own enemy when we occupy a new space … we now have only 997 banks more to expropriate ……Expropriated Bank of Gracia barrio
2 April 2014 see full Catalan original here:

UPDATE UPDATE NEW BANK SQUAT CENTER!! On 5th April the collective went public with an inauguration party, country market,. debate, etc in the new ATENEU ENTREBANC occupied center in central Barcelona.

The new bank occupation comes from the movement created arounnd the eviction of the Carboneria Center last month. (The Carboneria was bought and evicted by Barclays Bank, which recently fired 12,000 workers and declared a 2.9 billion pound profit. )

The name is a pun in Catalan…the ‘Hindrance’ Workers Center, or the ‘Enter A Bank’ Workers Center. See manifesto, full report in Catalan here: