Calais: Communiqué, 3 impasse Leclercq re-squatted


Hello neighbours, hello whoever concerned,

We are the people who squatted the house on 3 impasse Leclercq, Calais. On Friday February 28th, the police arrived at the house and smashed the door to get inside to the house. They use violence to get in and took all of us to the police station. Four hours later, we were all out without charges. Living in a house has nothing illegal. The police is well aware of that but they don’t respect the law in Calais. Justice has to decide if we have to go, not the police.

Today, we are back for several reasons. First, because we are still legally allowed to live in this house. But the motivations that push us to come back today are not only based on law articles.

We don’t understand why a house that could shelter people in need, should become a ghost house. We don’t understand why it should be crime to live, eat, sleep and laugh in a house that is soon promised to demolition. We don’t understand why people get angry from what we’re doing.

We are back in order to find out the answers to these questions. We would like to start discussing with you. We are human beans like you et you can talk to us. We encourage you to come and ask us questions.

We hope that we’ll manage to be your neighbours for some time. And we’d like to know you.