Calais, France: The Battle of Coulogne

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The spark launched by the Mayor of Calais with his call to denounce squats on facebook last October by the Save Calais page, and the handshake of two assistants to the mayor of Calais over their anti-migrant protesters in November, shows that this attack is invited to Coulogne.

Activists of Save Calais rallied in front of a recently opened Coulogne squat, a previously empty house. A banner  presenting themselves as residents, with ‘alarm bells’ sounding to the real residents – in an attempt to sow the seed of fear of an invasion of migrants.

Yet no “migrants” were in the house that they tried to break the door of this morning, but people from different countries of the European Union. Additionally they punctured the tires of two bicycles belong to a Britain and Calaisien.

This puts the debate into place. Seen in a previous demo a sign: “foreigners, you don’t leave us alone with the French.” If England weighed anchor and drifted a little further, if migrants therefore went to other ports, we remain well with this question amongst us: what kind of society do we want to live in?

For now, the Save Calais campaign prey on property; doors and two bicycles. But they already give us an indication of their choice in society to the violence they want to impose on us.

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