London: Protest occupation camp against Section 144 squatting law at Finchley Tory Office of Mike Freer MP

Mike Freer MP is a co-architect of the controversial ‘Section 144′ law that criminalises squatting in domestic properties.

On 22nd November 2013, campaigners arrived to protest and camp outside his constituency office (the Finchley building that used to be Margaret Thatcher’s office).

At first, in a PR move, he invited them off the pavement and onto the forecourt, but as many local people showed their support, and others arrived to protest, towards the end of the day he changed his mind. However, the squatters pointed out to the police that he would now need to put that in writing and to apply to a court, which he would be unable to do now before Monday morning, so the camp remains over the weekend at least.

While I was there filming for a short while on the 23rd, the protest received visits from several locals, motorists tooted their horns, and a woman came offering flasks of tea.

The protest is calling for others to join them, or to support by bringing veggie food, warm drinks, or bedding/camping equipment. All peaceful campaigners and supporters are welcome to visit the camp which is at 212 Ballards Lane (nearest tube West Finchley).

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Squatting campaign information can be found at

Source: Rikki Indymedia