Utrecht (The Netherlands): Illegal arrests at the Boelesteinlaan.

This morning the police were at the door of a squat in Zuilen. As always, they hadn’t heard of housepeace. Read on and shiver.

Half a year ago a house was squatted on the Boelesteinlaan in Utrecht.

One day the police came to search the house for a criminal (also called a “squatter”). They started asking people for their identity cards. Because you aren’t legally required to identify yourself in your own home this was rejected by the occupants. The police were friendly and accepting to this decision as always… They told the occupants that “we will see what we will do with your house”. Some days later the eviction letter arrived.

A lawsuit was then filed by the squatters against the state to stop the eviction from happening. As there is only ever a very, very small chance that this court-case would be won, they abandoned the court case and left the house. The neighbourhood officer came to check one time to see if the squatters had left. It was made clear to him that the squatters were gathering their last possessions. Some days later the house was left empty and open by the squatters, ready to be used again by the owner.

But still nothing to happen with the house. The housing corporation SSH didn’t even care enough to put a lock on the door. The place started to look neglected again, which is why some squatters started using the house once more.

Present day, Monday morning 7th October, the police entered unlawfully yet again and demanded to see identity cards or face arrest for non-compliance even though this is illegal.

One man who couldn’t identify himself has been arrested and taken. A neighbouring squatter who came to take a shower of course didnt have her identity card with her. Despite her offering to go and get her ID with the police (on the other side of the street) she was also arrested.

After 1.5 hours of calling and 2 arrests it became clear to the pigs that they weren’t allowed to evict (an eviction letter has a expiration date), this to the dissatisfaction of the fascist moustache on duty at the time. He told us that they would bring a eviction letter.

Against eviction, against the criminalisation of those just trying to make a life for themselves, against the police state!
For housing to all, for autonomy, for a free world!!!

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