Oakland (USA): Squat defense for the Stay Away Squat


We are the squat collective at Stay Away in East Oakland. Tuesday, August 6th makes two full weeks we have been living behind the barricades in order to defend and save our home, a radical space, and one of the lasting vestiges of the Occupy Oakland movement. We are still struggling. We are asking the community of the Bay Area; fellow squatters, fellow radicals, our comrades to come out and help us in the event of an attempted forcible removal by the Sheriff’s Department. Oakland has lost too many of its radical spaces. We are facing the same evil corporation, REO Homes LLC, that evicted the G-Spot–another radical space–and the state and corporate forces are trying to quash our movement to live free.

This house has a two year history that rose directly out of Occupy Oakland, and has gone through many changes with many members, but it has remained, and will remain, an activist house. Members of this collective work or have worked with various groups from Food Not Bombs to Cop Watch as well as founding the Park Gardens and many other activist groups. We are a diverse group or individuals working together collectively to provide a space that is liberated from corporate control of our lives, and to be an example of how we can live free of the chains of capitalism.

We are asking for people to come out when the Sheriff’s Department arrive to evict us. This can happen on any day at any time. We need people to show up and be here when this happens to let the Sheriff’s Department of Alameda County and predator corporations like REO Homes know that we want to keep our homes and our liberated spaces. If you want to help, contact us. We can be contacted via the Facebook group for Stay Away, or if you wish to be on our text blasts for when the Sheriff shows up our number is (402) 937-9875. Come out Solidarity is needed!

Stay Away
2825 Vallecito Place, Oakland (CA)

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