Zagreb: the only squat in Croatia endangered because of an ”anarchist”?

ReciklaonicaWe are writing this short announcement with a bit of delay because we are technically unable and, because of all worries and obligations, short with time. We are looking back at a disaster that has befallen us as also the entire movement. A disaster in the shape of a huge poison of this society which stings even more when the executor of the same are big ”anarchists” and ”antifascists”.. or better, ”comrades”. The poison is indifference (which implies to not-giving-a-shit, parasitism, insensitivity, malice) which allows an individual to do all sorts of abominations without any real reason.

3rd of may 2013 guards of this complex came knocking on our door with a threat and an announcement that somebody sent an e-mail to the address of Zagrebački Holding (Main Zagreb communal company which is also the owner of the complex where our squat is) which greatly endangered the squat, individuals inside the squat and really shook the picture of the whole movement. Some of the e-mail content were heavy accuses of electricity and water stealing, activities of people from the collective and similar. It wouldn’t be so devastating if we found out that it was a sabotage act of a fascist, but the picture is quite different. (or maybe it’s best to call him a fascist saboteur?)

The e-mail was sent by Krunoslav Gregorec from Benkovac. He admitted it. We don’t want to put his photo because of his own sake. A person who lived with us for a year and we fed him for also that long since he “couldn’t contribute in finances and food”, who is violent and sexist acts we tolerated with a belief that everybody could change to a better person by time. A person who stole from us and talked shit about us no matter what and when we finally decided to put a stop to that and exclude him from the collective, he couldn’t help him self so he had to do something like this. Best of all, it’s a person who calls himself a great ”anarchist” and an ”antifascist”. THAT person talks about solidarity, resistance and mutual aid? We wouldn’t say so.

How to fight this kind of problem? How to fight this rotten parts and traitors of the movement? How to continue the fight without questioning it? A fight which, first of all, should be guided by friendship and trust.

We want to spread the word about this sad act. We want you all to know what kind of people you look in the eye. Be careful, but not skeptical.

We don’t have electricity anymore but we have regular police visits and threats thrown at our face. Maybe also a few lawsuits will show up. We are going so many steps back just now when situation became so clear and things went really well. We are deeply disappointed.

We have a hard time communication with the ”outside world” so we won’t be able to update you regularly. Every information about Kruno is welcome.

Reciklaonica Collective

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