Patras, Greece : Joint attack by cops and nazis outside the Maragopouleio occupation

On the night of Monday, April 8th a group of comrades who were at the Ipsila Alonia square [in Patras] came under attack by fascists who frequent the Psitalonia grill-house (owned by the Golden Dawn member Sipsas). The attack was sparked by a t-shirt with an anti-fascist symbol wore by one of the comrades. The fascists attacked our comrades with stones, bottles and chairs from the inside of the grill-house. The comrades resisted and then moved toward the Maragopouleio occupation, where they pushed them back despite being fewer in numbers. The neonazis moved toward the occupation, where they were pushed back for a second time, effectively. The intervention of the cops was instant, supportive and salvational for the parastatists, who were causing damage to parked cars for that reason. In the next few hours, and in perfect coordination between them, the cops attacked the gathered comrades with tear gas shots in a straight line and stun grenades onto the heads of those at the occupation’s entrance, while at the same time offering cover to the neonazis who were hurdling stones and flash-grenades into the courtyard of the occupation, from a side street.

For two hours Maragopouleio was under siege by the hounds of the riot police, in an attempt to cut off the space from two impromptu demonstrations trying to approach it. The sheer number and the determination of the 200+ comrades averted new attacks until the moment when – first the fascists and then the cops – retreated.

Last night’s attack by the MAT [riot police] an Golden Dawn at the Maragopouleio occupation is nothing other than the continuation of the repressive moves by the state against squats and self-organised spaces, against the world of struggle that keeps resisting the state’s anti-social plans with zeal, against the attempted imposition of impoverishment and social cannibalism. Despite continuous declarations of its supposedly anti-systemic nature, the neonazi organisation in question once again proved – through its cooperation with the forces of repression – what it really is: the faithful hounds of the regime, ready to support its work in any way possible.

Despite the desperate attempts by the sovereignty-controlled mass media to present the events as some clash between the “extremes”, the mass and multiform presence of a multitude of people in struggle outside the occupation space proved that social and class memory is still alive, arming an entire world with determination, ready to defend with all its power the structures and the projects of our struggle, the world of resistance and freedom.

Yet another time, after their similar attempt on October 2012, the fascists of the Golden Dawn retreated disorderly, with the polite accompaniment of the greek police.


Patras, April 9, 2013