Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): Call for international solidarity with the Aldeia Maracanã

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

On March 22, 2013 at 03:00, the police surrounded the old Indiginous museum, renamed by the indians Aldeia Maracanã (Maracanã Village), which is adjacent to the Maracanã Stadium, which will host the 2014 World Cup.

Occupied 6 years ago by various indigenous ethnic groups and their families, the occupation of the building was intendeded to build a center of indigenous culture controlled by Indians themselves, and also planned to create a Indigenous Popular University, as well as serving as housing for Indians passing through the city.

The police siege ended with the invasion of Aldeia Maracanã and a violent crackdown on all indigenous and supporters present, besides several prisons. The repression served to test new weapons purchased for the mega-event in Rio de Janeiro, such as new tear gas grenades, pepper spray, microwave cannon, guns tasers, added to the old usual aggression of the police in Rio de Janeiro. The stadium and its surroundings are being sold to the private sector and for this they want the empty building.

The episode of total disregard of indigenous culture is part of the project to “clean up the city” for the Olympics, making Rio de Janeiro a great showcase for the international bourgeoisie, while the people suffer oppression, forced eviction from their homes, the neglect of housing, health and education and death at the hands of the minions of the state.

Therefore we call everyone to show solidarity to the Aldeia Maracanã, with acts in the Brazilian embassy, disclosure of the case or just photos showing solidarity for the world to be aware of the atrocities happening in Brazil and to show the indigenous displaced and sent to precarious public shelters that we are not alone!


OⒶTL (Land and Freedom Anarchist Organization)

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