Memphis (USA): Native squatter refuses to cooperate in court after mansion eviction

Abka Re Bey (aka Tabith Gentry) was arrested early Friday morning (8th March) outside of 600 S. Shady Grove Road in East Memphis, an empty mansion worth more than $3 million that sits on nearly four acres, that she and her family had squatted. She faces charges of aggravated burglary, criminal trespass and theft of property $6,000 or more and was in court Monday morning. Her bond was set at $2 million.

She took the building last week and drew a red flag with green star in the middle on a poster board, while erecting another sign claiming Moorish American National Republic rights and included statements “pertaining to sovereign citizen rhetoric and beliefs,” according to a police report. Moorish American’s are descendants of ancient Moabites in Africa and are the original inhabitants of North America who were enslaved by European colonists.

The bank that foreclosed on the property two years ago, Renasant,  found a thick chain and padlock on the gate earlier last week with five signs declaring “Private Property/Keep Out.”  Police were initially not sure who the squatters were, but Abka Re Bey filed “transfer of inheritance” papers with the County Register’s Office in January, “giving Notice of my rightful ‘Claim’ to my property” on Shady Grove.

During the hearing on Monday 11th, Abka Re refused to cooperate at all and at least one person there agreed with her opposition,  “She’s not supposed to go to the system, she’s Moorish American. She’s supposed to go through civil court, not general sessions.” She twice yelled “objection” at the judge Monday before declaring her membership in the Moorish American National Republic. The group does not recognize federal or state laws.