Catalonia: For the extension of the Black February campaign to Barcelona

To all who desire to stand in solidarity in a coordinated or spontaneous fashion when combative squatting and its self-organized methods are in danger; to all who see clearly the parallels of repressive logic between what is happening in Greece and what is happening here in the same historic moment; to all who see the clear escalation and coordination of the current offensive by the eurofascist States against all subversive attitudes that don’t conform to their democratic lines – through immediate, violent intervention against our spaces, our people, our daily routines of activity, and the survival of our own self-organization and struggle.

It has become obvious that although this offensive on the part of different States is perpetual and ongoing, it is clearly coordinated and directed in this precise moment in order to encircle, divide, and destroy all of the physical praxis of squatting, from Barcelona to Greece. This praxis is necessary for our activities and survival, and the actions of many.

The States, in this very moment, through their fascistic mechanisms, are initiating and creating a concerted repressive setting, with their hierarchical structures, their self-legitimization through the law and media, and their capitalist-pragmatic bureaucracy.

They are coordinating towards an international repressive objective within the military-industrial-capitalist colossus of the eurofascist union: the annihilation of the only practice to subvert their structural reform (their crisis), the one practice which is changing the consciousness of survival in the oppressed masses. Mass tourism is one of the principal industries in Athens as well as Barcelona, an industry which obtains the capacity to destroy the social fabric, easily creates sectarian divides according to economic status among those who consist each population, and ultimately ostracizes from its midst anyone who doesn’t have the financial means, to flee to dormitory suburbs or into the streets. Squatting, as a maximal praxis of negation of the concept of property, is the natural enemy of the propertied class, which includes the State and its real estate corporations – in the centre of their cement empire, it represents an immediate delegitimization of the entire project, a danger for the largest industries, and a base for the creation of ties of affinity and organization to unite those whom they tried to divide.

From this setting of an automatic conflict of interests, ideas, and survival, what action can we unleash to face this brutal offensive on the part of all the repressive bodies that are rising around us to choke our lives away?

Here, we propose direct, spontaneous, consistent action against each repressive act – that is not to say disorganized or unpremeditated, but rather disconnected and decentralized, so that the confidence, communication and the action itself, as well as the responsibility for our praxis remain within an affinity group, so that solidarity may be generalized and not focused solely in our own homes and our own personal enemies. If all us, in the whole generalized movement for self-organization from Porto to Athens – not just in our houses, not just in our neighbourhoods, not just in our cities – undertake solidarity by the deed in this Black February, from the 2nd to the 12th, and thus successfully deal a fierce collective blow, we will be sending a message to the imprisoned compas that they are not forgotten, and to the States that their repressive ventures may become their own graves, at the slightest spark.

This is the moment to present a massive, coordinated and decentralized reprisal to defend our spaces and our imprisoned comrades, across the city and across the world.

With everything we have, we will act to resist their offensive with our own victories, and without concessions.

May the tourists flee; may the bulldozers burn; may the abandoned houses spring to life and crush the concept of property. May we all watch it burn, piece by piece, right under their noses.

Indymedia Barcelona & Contra Info